How to place a Local Delivery Order

Once you Browse through the products and have them added to your cart you will want to go to your shopping cart page. 

Step 1: Depending on which device you are using you will be presented with one of the following options.


Step 2: After you select the appropriate button you will be presented with the shopping cart page. It will contain all the products you have added to your cart.




Step 3: From here you will select local delivery and click   PICK DELIVERY WEEK  .



Step 4: From the list, select the delivery week you want your products delivered and return to your cart page.



Step 5: Once you return to your cart page you will again select local delivery. You will now notice the delivery week field is already filled in based on the selection you made. You can then add in any delivery instructions if needed.


Step 6: Check the check box just below the Checkout button, then click CHECKOUT.


Step 7: Fill in your personal information requested and select additional receiving methods and click the orange continue to Additional Receiving Methods and the bottom of your screen.  


Step 8: Ensure Local Delivery is selected. Depending on the amount you have purchased the checkout fee will vary from the image below. Then click Continue to payment method


Step 9: Choose your desired method of payment, fill in the required fields and click PAY NOW to complete your order. You will then receive a order confirmation email.


If you still have questions, do not hesitate to call (204-882-2626) or email us (  and we will be glad to talk you through it.


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