Delivery Area

View the map and search the table below for eligible delivery locations

If you fall within our delivery area but your postal code is not listed please contact us! We are also always looking into expanding our catchment depending on demand contact us to inquire about possible delivery to your area! 

Area Name Postal Code
Winnipeg North R2P --- Winnipeg (Old Kildonan)
R2V --- Winnipeg (West Kildonan)
R4A --- West St. Paul
Winnipeg North East R2C --- Winnipeg (Transcona)
R2E --- East St. Paul
R2G --- Winnipeg (North Kildonan North)
R2K --- Winnipeg (East Kildonan)
R2L --- Winnipeg (Elmwood)
R2X --- Winnipeg (Point Douglas West / Inkster East)
R3W --- Winnipeg (Grassie / Eastern North Kildonan)
Winnipeg South East R2H --- Winnipeg (St. Boniface NW)
R2J --- Winnipeg (St. Boniface NE)
R2M --- Winnipeg (St. Vital North)
R2N --- Winnipeg (St. Vital SW)
R3X --- Winnipeg (St. Boniface South / St. Vital SE)
Winnipeg South West R3L --- Winnipeg (River Heights East)
R3M --- Winnipeg (Crescentwood Central)
R3N --- Winnipeg (River Heights West)
R3P --- Winnipeg (Fort Garry NW / Tuxedo)
R3R --- Winnipeg (Assiniboine South / Betsworth)
R3S --- Winnipeg (Wilkes South)
R3T --- Winnipeg (Fort Garry NE / University of Manitoba)
R3V --- Winnipeg (Fort Garry South)
R3Y --- Winnipeg (Fort Garry West)
Winnipeg North West R2R --- Winnipeg (Inkster West)
R2W --- Winnipeg (Point Douglas East)
R2Y --- Winnipeg (St. James-Assiniboia NW)
R3A --- Winnipeg (Centennial)
R3B --- Winnipeg (Chinatown / Civic Centre / Exchange District / University of Winnipeg)
R3C --- Winnipeg (Broadway / The Forks / Portage and Main) Manitoba Provincial Government
R3E --- Winnipeg (Sargent Park / Daniel McIntyre / Inkster SE)
R3G --- Winnipeg (Minto / St. Mathews / Wolseley)
R3H --- Winnipeg (St. James-Assiniboia NE / YWG)
R3J --- Winnipeg (St. James-Assiniboia SE)
R3K --- Winnipeg (St. James-Assiniboia SW)
Rural North East

Oakbank --- R0E1J0, R0E1J1, R0E1J2, R0E1J3, R5N
Dugald --- R0E0K0, R5P
Sunnyside (RM of Springfield) --- R5R
Navin (RM of Springfield) --- R5T

Rural South West Domain --- R0G0M0
Glenlea --- R0G0S0
La Salle --- R0G0A1, R0G0A2, R0G1B0
Oak Bluff --- R0G1N0, R4G
St. Agathe --- R0G1Y0, R0G1Y1
Rural South East Howden/ St. Adolphe --- R5A
Niverville --- R0A0A1, R0A0A2, R0A1E0