How do I participate in the fundraiser?

Contact the greenhouse for more information. With limited delivery spots possible, you must book early. 

Can I pick up my fundraising order at the greenhouse?

Unfortunately we have to ship all fundraiser orders to the group that they were ordered from where they are then distributed to the purchasers. If you prefer to come to the greenhouse, purchase plant cards that can be redeemed at the greenhouse at a time that is convenient to you. Not only will you find the products listed in the fundraiser catalogue, but also hundreds more varieties.

Do you use pesticides?

We use an integrated pest management system that begins with keeping the environment clean and starting with clean growing practices. We use biological predators and parasites to seek out any pest outbreaks and deal with them naturally. Pesticides are a control practice of last resort and are never applied to any food related plant. We never use neonicotinoids.

Do your gift cards expire?

The gift cards never expire and can be used at our greenhouse and at our Booth at the St Norbert Farmer’s Market, The Forks Farmer’s Market and The Downtown Biz Hydro Market. They cannot be used to pay for products purchased through a fundraiser.

When is it safe to plant out my flowers?

Only Mother Nature knows when the last day of frost will be. Please protect your plants from the cold. Even in a garage or shed the frost can creep in and damage your plants. Bring them into a heated area if the temperature is going to dip. If your plants are already in the ground, cover with blankets.

How do I care for my plants if I cannot plant them right away outside?

Plants are living things and require attention. Place in indirect sunlight outside if temperatures allow and water as necessary. A north or east side of a building is best. If frost is predicted, take preventative measures. Be careful not to over water your plants.

In cool and low light conditions, plants require less water. Check the soil moisture level before watering the plant. Over watered plants have the same wilting symptoms as a dry plant, as the roots are beginning to die back from lack of air. Do not leave in a darkened shed or garage for more than 24 hours.

What are the employment opportunities at Glenlea Greenhouses?

We are always seeking energetic individuals to join our team. Go to our contact page for more information.