How to Place an Order Online 2019

As with anything new, there have been a few questions about how to place a fundraising order on our website.  

The process is quite simple; often making people think that there must be a step that has been missed.  We hope the following guide helps you with placing your order.

This guide can also be viewed along the ordering process as a three part dialog box/popup window tour. This can be activated on the collection pages, in the products and at the cart. Just click on one of these buttons at the top of your screen when visible.

 (Collection Page)

(Within the Product)


Guide (8 Steps)

Step One:  Choose from the close to 300 plants available through the fundraiser catalogue. You can sort the plants according to category listing or use our search bar to find plants of a specific type or growing condition

- follow this link here to be brought to the specific collection

- browse through and select your plants

You can use the categories at the top of your screen to narrow down the products you're looking for.

- once you have found all your plants continue to step two.


Step Two: Go to your shopping cart.

- You will find a summary of the items you have ordered.

- you will also find this form


Step Three: Select your group from the drop down list

Click on the ˅ next to "Please Make A Selection"

- then scroll through the groups until you locate your group


This is the group you are supporting and where the plants should be picked up. You cannot choose one location and support another group.


Step Four: Name of Seller

- this is the name of the individual that you are supporting with this fundraiser 

- Each group may have a specific way in which they want this field filled out


Step Five: ensure the information you inputted in the above form is correct and click the check box. Then click CHECKOUT


Step Six: Complete Customer Information page. This would be your email address, name, address, phone number etc. 


Step Seven: Confirmation

- you're almost there! just continue to payment method


Step Eight: Complete payment with credit card. You will receive a confirmation email of your order. The name of the drop off location and date of pick up is clearly stated on this email. 

Your order is forwarded to your school or group and will be ready to pick up on the date specified.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to call (204-882-2626) or email us (  and we will be glad to talk you through it.