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Grown in 3 1/2" pot

Tomato Champion 3.5 inch pot

Tomato Champion 3.5 inch pot

Slicing Red - V14

  • Fruit Size: 10 oz, Days to Harvest: 65, Disease Tolerant: Verticillium, Fusarium Wilt Race 1&2, Nematodes, & Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Should be caged or staked. Indeterminate plant (grows & produces fruit until frost) with the harvest lasting several weeks.

  • Champion 

    Grown in a 3.5 inch pot

    Champion is an early slicing tomato that is an easy to grow plant that should be staked or caged. It is an indeterminate plant, meaning it continues to grow and produce fruit until frost, with the harvest lasting several weeks.Keep plants evenly watered to prevent blossom end rot, an environmental condition caused by calcium deficiency. When plants get excessively dry followed by over watering they cannot uptake calcium properly. Regular watering can prevent this.  Fruit size is 10 oz. each. Tolerant to Verticillium, Fusarium Wilt Race 1 and 2, Nematodes, and Tobacco Mosaic Virus

    Water Requirements: Average and consistent

    Exposure: Sun 

    Days to Harvest: 65

    Spacing: 60 cm

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