Tempting Tomatoes™
Tempting Tomatoes™
Tempting Tomatoes™
Tempting Tomatoes™
  • Tempting Tomatoes™ Garden Gem
  • Tempting Tomatoes™ Garden Treasure
  • Tempting Tomatoes™ Good Hearted™
  • Tempting Tomatoes™
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Grown in a 4.5 inch pot

Proven Winner tomatoes selected for garden performance and flavor. 

Garden Gem is a snacking tomato that produces fruit over an extended time.  Its semi determinate growth requires caging or staking, but the flavor is worth it.  Plant in the garden or in a container larger than 14 inches  Days to Harvest: 55 days

Garden Treasure has a heirloom tomato taste with disease resistance.  This slicing tomato is indeterminate so staking or caging is recommended.  It can be planted in a container so long as it is greater than 14 inches. Days to Harvest: 72 days

Good Hearted has somewhat heart shaped small fruit maturing to red.  Nice compact plant ideal for containers or hanging baskets. Days to Harvest: 65 - 72 days

Exposure: Sun

Spacing: 45 to 60 cm

Water Requirements: Average consistent watering