Sun Parasol® Mandevilla

Available in store only starting May 1st
Grown in 14 inch hanging basket and trellised pot

Beautiful vining tropical plant available in hanging baskets and trellised pots.  These vines bear 3 to 4 inch flowers all summer and quickly cover a trellis.  In the landscape the vines can reach 10 to 15 feet.  For strong growth in the summer, feed with a balanced fertilizer at the recommended dilution weekly.

They are tropical plants however and must be brought indoors for the winter if you wish to keep them for the next year.  Trim the vines and bring the plant indoors.  During the adjustment period it may drop leaves. Allow to dry slightly between watering and do not fertilize in the winter

Exposure: Sun to part sun

Bloom time: Summer

Height: 25 - 30 cm

Water Requirements: Average