• Lily FantAsiatic Hotspot Pink R25
  • Lily Mona Lisa - Pink/White R26
  • Lily Pimento - Purple/White R27
  • Lily Looks™ Tiny Ink - Burgundy/Red R28
  • Lily Looks™ Tiny Padhye - Red/White R29
  • Lily -

SKU: R25, R26, R27, R28, R29

Don't Lilies just make you smile!

Grown in a 4.5 inch pot

Lilies are a very hardy perennial that come in a range of heights and colors.  They are easy to grow in sun to part sun gardens, as a specimen or part of a perennial border.

If using the flowers as a cut flower, make sure to leave at least one third the stem intact to feed the bulb the next year.  After the stem has died back to the ground in the fall remove it and all debris from around the base of the plant. Divide clumps every 3 to 5 years to maintain vigor of the plant. 

Exposure: Sun to part sun

Bloom time: Summer 

Water Requirements: Average 

Special Attributes:  Cut flower.  Deer resistant. 

 FantAsiatic Hotspot Pink (R25)

This Fantasiatic variety is a beautiful bicolor sure to bring attention to your garden. Compact and sturdy to hold up to our prairie conditions. Spread:  25 - 30 cm, Height: 50 cm.

Mona Lisa - Pink (R26)

Pink center with white edges in summer. Height: 45 cm.

Pimento - Pink (R27)

Purple white edges in summer. Height: 40 cm.

Looks ™ Tiny series

This Lily Looks variety is genetically short, perfect for the front of a border or small perennial bed. Height: 35 - 40  cm, Spread: 25 -  30 cm

Tiny Ink - Red/Burgundy (R28)

 Burgundy centre with Red edges.

Tiny Padhye - Red/White (R29)

 Red centre with white edges.