• Hoya Kerrii 4"
  • Hoya Kerrii Variegated 4"
  • Hoya australis 3.5"
  • Hoya krimson princess 4"
  • Hoya australis 'Lisa' 3.5"
  • Hoya pubicalyx 3.5"
  • Hoya
  • Full Sun (6+ hr)

    Part Sun (4-6 hr)

    Shade (up to 4 hr)

    Deer Resistant

    Rabbit Resistant

    Attracts Butterflies

    Attracts Hummingbirds

    High Light

    Medium Light

    Low Light

    Pet Friendly

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Hoya are some of the most collected plants on the market. Each variety producing unique leaf shapes and flowers. These plants grow best when allowed to vine on a trellis but can also be grown as a trailing plant. 

When these plants do reward you with a bloom they will produce clusters of very fragrant sweet smelling flowers. 

 Pot not exactly as illustrated. Grown in a plastic grower pot.

Hoya Kerrii

The very slow growing hoya produces heart shaped leaves on a thick stem. Normally found as just a single leaf cutting these plants are the true vining types that will produce new growth.  Allow the soil to dry out between watering. 

Hoya Kerrii Variegated

Similar in growth as the regular hoya kerrii the cream coloured variegation on these leaves create a unique look. Very slow growing these plants should be grown in a bright window and watered when the soil dries out. 

Hoya australis

This hoya is native to Australia. Producing fragrant white flowers, Is a great addition to ones home. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. 

Hoya krimson princess

great vining plant for a bright window. This hoya produces leaves that range from cream, to pink to green depending on light exposure. Water when soil is dry to the touch Pet friendly Bright indirect light

Hoya australis 'Lisa'

This hoya has beautifully variegated leaves ranging from pink to cream.

Hoya pubicalyx

Speckled elongated leaves that can start purple and fade to green. A very fast growing hoya.


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