• Graptopetalum
  • Full Sun (6+ hr)

    Part Sun (4-6 hr)

    Shade (up to 4 hr)

    Deer Resistant

    Rabbit Resistant

    Attracts Butterflies

    Attracts Hummingbirds

    High Light

    Medium Light

    Low Light

    Pet Friendly

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Graptopetalum or ghost plants are native to Mexico. These succulents require well drained soil to do well in containers. The leaves form in a rosette pattern and as they age rosettes appear on the end of long stems. This genus is very closely related to Echeveria and can actually be crossed with one another to form Graptoveria. The chalky coating on the leaves is the plants "sunscreen" to protect the leaves from the sun. 

Exposure: Sun 

Bloom time: Late fall 

Height: 5 - 10 cm

Spread:10 - 25 cm

Water Requirements: Average to dry

 Plant Habit: Compact

Special Attributes: Drought tolerant, foliage, easy care 

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