Crassula Species

Crassula Species


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Price including tax $5.50
Grown in a 4.5 inch pot
Each pot contains only one plant variety

Want just one succulent? Order a 4.5 inch pot of any of the three listed. Each pot contains just one plant variety of the species. The selection varies based on seasonal availability and is the greenhouse choice at time of delivery. If you want to choose a specific variety purchase a gift card and come to the greenhouse or farmers’ markets to hand select your plant.

Crassula's are a very popular species of succulents that can do well indoors. Some of the plants in this category are also known as Jade plants. These plants are distinguished by their leaves becoming thicker as they age. These plants are very easy to grow and make great statements in fairy gardens and succulent containers. 

Exposure: Sun, part sun

Bloom time: Late fall 

Height: 5 - 7 cm

Spread:10 - 15 cm

Water Requirements: Average to dry

 Plant Habit: Compact

Special Attributes: Drought tolerant, foliage, easy care 

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