Grown in a 4.5 inch pot

Bloom time: Foliage

Water Requirements: Average

Special Attributes: Shade tolerant

Kong Coleus - F11

A vibrant plant with leaves that reach up to 30 cm in length. Plant in shade or morning sun only as stronger light can fade color. Use in shady corners of beds or mix with other shade lovers in containers. Leaf centres vary from bright rose to red and scarlet. Flowers can be left on or removed as they appear depending on your preference.

Exposure: Part sun to shade

Height: 46 - 51 cm

Spread: 38 - 46 cm

 Plant Habit: Filler

Lime Coleus - F12

Chartreuse leaves are brilliant combined with purples and reds. Try a foliage only pot using lime coleus and red coleus, or lime coleus and perilla. Use for sun to shade planting in beds or as a height plant in containers. Pinch blooms as they appear to keep foliage looking its best.

Exposure: Sun to shade

Height: 36 - 71 cm

Spread: 41 - 61 cm

 Plant Habit: Thriller

Orange Coleus - F13

Different hues of oranges and salmon orange with yellow green margins make this a unique thriller plant for containers. Reaching a height of 46 to 91 cm, combine with other sun to shade flowers for rave reviews.

Exposure: Sun to shade

Height: 46 - 91 cm

Spread: 41 - 71 cm

 Plant Habit: Thriller

Red Coleus - F14

Bright Red leaves combine well with pinks and yellows, either flowers or other foliage plants, for striking containers. Use in the back or centre of your pot and place it in sun to part sun for best results.

Exposure: Sun to shade

Height: 46 - 91 cm

Spread: 41 - 71 cm

Plant Habit: Thriller