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Grown in 9.25 inch pot

A native to South Africa, this perennial tropical adds beauty and a tropical touch to your garden, as a stand alone container or planted in a mixed container. Great as a Mother's Day gift.  Visit us at the greenhouse or the St. Norbert Market to get yours this year. 

Calla arevery easy plants to care for. The plants will bloom for weeks so long as soil moisture levels remain constant. Extremes from dry to saturated encourages root rot therefore maintain a consistent moisture level.  Once the flowers are finished for the season, enjoy the foliage as an accent to your garden.  In the fall when temperatures cool, allow the soil to dry so the bulb goes dormant.  Before frost, lift the bulb from its container or the garden and place in newspaper or spagnum moss in a cool but not freezing location.  In the spring when the bulbs have sprouted, replant for another year of spectacular blooms.  

Photos courtesy of Ball Horticultural

Exposure: Sun to part sun

Bloom time: Spring to  summer

Height: 60 - 75 cm

Spread: 30 - 45 cm

Water Requirements: Average 

Plant Habit: Filler and thriller

Special Attributes: Unique flowers, tropical like foliage