Winter Fundraiser

Poinsettia, Evergreen Door Swags, Evergreen Containers, Succulent Gift Boxes, Succulent Containers and Plant Gift Cards 

This year we are offering a new program. Groups can now choose if they want to run either the Full Winter Fundraiser Program or just the Evergreen Winter Fundraiser Program.

Full Winter Fundraiser Program: this would include all the options (poinsettia's, succulent container and gift box, evergreen swag and container) along with plant gift cards. You would need a heated inside facility where we can enter to receive the products and for you to hold for your customers.

Evergreen Winter Fundraiser Program: this would ONLY include the evergreen swag and evergreen container along with plant gift cards. Therefore the products would not necessarily need to be received or held inside a building.

Ordering of products can be done on our website similar to the spring fundraiser. More information on this release date coming soon.


  • Poinsettia Fundraisers will offer a choice between three different colours pictured below: Red, White and Ice Crystal. The poinsettias are grown in 6” pots to give you the best quality plant there is and then showcased in a decorative pot cover.
  • Door swags and Festive Evergreen Containers 

    We will also be offering door swags and festive evergreen containers to dress the door up this winter. The swags will be a nice blend of different evergreens bundled together and will be finished off with a beautiful ribbon bow and ornaments. The festive containers will be delivered in a 16" container filled with a variety of evergreens decorated with a handmade bow and assorted dogwood branches. 

    Colours of pot covers, ornaments, and ribbon will vary. Exact evergreens in the door swag and container will vary depending on availability.  


    Succulent Containers and Gift Boxes.

    Succulent containers will come in either red or green. Beautifully decorated with four full succulents and decorative moss it will add a beautiful touch to any centerpiece. Due to container availability we cannot do specific container colour requests. [Not to be placed outside] Succulent selection will vary depending on seasonal availability.


    Succulent gift boxes come with four of our most popular succulent species in 2 ¼” pot. Placed in a sturdy decorative cardboard gift box.

    Succulent selection will vary depending on seasonal availability.





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