Other Spring Fundraisers

Options available for this Spring that do not need a delivery date must be into us by April 15th.

These options are not available online through our website. All payment must be handled on your end whether it be by e-Transfer, Cheque, cash, or your own organizations online payment portal.

Gift Card Fundraisers

Sold in increments of $25

Where can they be used?

Gift Cards are a physical card that can be used in-store at our retail location in Ste. Agathe or at our booth at farmers' markets. They are not accepted as payment for wholesale or fundraiser purchases. At this time, we are unable to accept gift cards for Online Order payment. Online Orders are payable by credit card or INTERAC e-Transfer only.

How does it work?

Option 1:

Gift cards can be picked up at the greenhouses starting April 26th. Any cards not picked up or redeemed by the end of June, we will make arrangements with the Coordinator so they can then distribute the remaining cards.

Option 2:

You can arrange a date for the cards to be dropped of at your organization and then you distribute them to your customers

Fall Mums

Fall mums are ordered in the spring and delivered in the fall in early September

There are 5 colours available in two different sizes.


If you want to participate in one or both of the above options for this spring, please fill out the form below.

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