Coordinator Account Information

Account Information

Yes I will use the same email address.
No I do not have an account. Please set one up with the email I listed above.
I want a new one setup with the email I listed above

Group Information

Plant Cards and Catalogues

To help reduce the environmental impact of paper being wasted, we will no longer have the paper order form included with the colour catalogue. For groups that still require the paper order form, they will be available separately and must be ordered separately.

Plant Delivery Information

We display the groups that are doing the fundraiser with us on our website in the event someone in your neighborhood would like to order plants. It helps them contact your group to arrange the order, and to know when and where delivery will happen. It can also be used to give your current customers added information about pickup time etc. Example Table from last year.

Displaying Information on our website

If YES please supply the Public Contact Information (Name and/or Phone Number and/or Email etc.) that you want listed. Otherwise filling in either No or Unsure (if you need someone to contact you from the greenhouse to get more information about this)