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  • Kitchen Minis® Tomato Siam
  • Kitchen Minis® Pepper Fresh Bites Red
  • Kitchen Minis® Pepper Hot Burrito
  • Kitchen Minis® Pepper Hot Fajita
  • Kitchen Minis® Pepper Hot Joker
  • Kitchen Minis® Pepper Hot Lemon
  • Kitchen Minis® Pepper Taquito
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  • Kitchen Minis®
  • Full Sun (6+ hr)

    Part Sun (4-6 hr)

    Shade (up to 4 hr)

    Deer Resistant

    Rabbit Resistant

    Attracts Butterflies

    Attracts Hummingbirds

    High Light

    Medium Light

    Low Light

    Pet Friendly

  • $5.99 each (plus tax)
    Unit price per 

Grown in a 6 inch pot

BUY. EAT. REPEAT. This collection includes specialty pepper's and tomato's that can grow inside on a sunny counter or windowsill or outside on a patio table. They will continue to produce tasty vegetables over 4 to 6 weeks, when they can be replaced with new Kitchen Minis!

Exposure:  Sun

Tomato Siam

Siam will brighten up your windowsill or patio table, and provides deliciously sweet fruit for your recipes! With Siam, you’ll enjoy handfuls of fruit over a few weeks.

Pepper Fresh Bites

Deliciously sweet, thick-walled, vibrant red snack peppers taste great eaten right off the plant, chopped up in a salad or grilled.

Pepper Hot Burrito

Lime-green fruit will ripen to bright red for a colourful display of fruit on top of the foliage. Broad, conical fruit is mildly spicy and great for adding to a sauce or slow-cooking with braised savoury dishes.

Pepper Hot Fajita

Upright plant habit will show off eye-catching lime-green fruit that ripens to bright red. The long, tapered peppers are fleshy and spicy, perfect for cooking.

Pepper Hot Joker

These peppers are no joke! Lime-green, skinny, tapered fruit hangs down within a broad canopy and will ripen to bright red. When left on the plant, fruit will dry down to a deep red and is perfect for making paprika or pepper flakes.

Pepper Hot Lemon

Don’t be fooled by the gorgeous lemon-yellow fruit, these peppers pack a punch of heat. Small, teardrop-shaped peppers are great for spicing up a salsa or hot sauce!

Pepper Taquito

This pint-sized pepper plant is perfect for a windowsill with decorative, upright, conical peppers and small foliage. Spicy fruit ripens from green to bright red and is great for adding to a stir-fry.

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