• Aeonium arboreum
  • Aeonium arboreum variegatum
  • Aeonium haworthii "Kiwi"
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  • Aeonium

The aeonium family of succulents is very unique compared to other succulents. Their rose shaped growth is very appealing in garden containers as well as indoor planters.

Aeonium arboreum is exceptionally different than most succulents as they can reach 75cm in height at full maturity and drop their lower leaves as they age, this causes them to have a palm like appearance. 

Exposure: Sun 

Bloom time: Late fall 

Height: 5 - 75 cm

Spread:10 - 15 cm

Water Requirements: Average to dry

 Plant Habit: Compact or tall depending on the species

Special Attributes: Drought tolerant, foliage, easy care