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Are you a senior or someone who has a compromised immune system? We are offering appointments for the first hour of the day Monday through Thursday.

We will be offering limited spots for these time slots to allow customers to have the chance to shop with fewer people and to not have to wait in line. Just show your receipt at the door and that's you're ticket in.

Please only book the number of spots needed for each individual joining you on your shopping trip as we will only allow those with a time slot to enter if we are fully booked.

Appointments will be made on a first come first serve basis starting the two weeks prior to the date you want.

Example: May 19th appointments will be open for booking on May 5th.

* Exception no appointments will be available for booking on Monday May 18th.

You can also call Starting Monday May 4th from 5pm and 6pm Monday to Thursday. 

There are a maximum of 8 slots online per slot. If you book all 8 slots and show up alone, we have the right to allow waiting customers into the store as these slots are not meant to be for private shopping experiences.

If you show up late we can not guarantee you your full hour.

You will forfeit your appointment slot if you are more than 30 min late to your appointment and any waiting customers will be allowed entry and you will have to wait.

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