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Ficus make for great house plants when given the ideal lighting. When you provide them with bright indirect light they will reward you with rapid growth and turning into small trees in your home. Provide fertilizer in the spring and summer and water when the soil is dry to the touch. 

 Pot not exactly as illustrated. Grown in a plastic grower pot.

Ficus Burgundy - 20TP11

The super dark foliage of this species of rubber tree produces rapid growth in the spring and summer. Prefers bright indirect to morning direct sun. 

Ficus lyrata - 20TP12

Otherwise known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, these plants will grow to be over 6 feet tall in the home if given the ideal sunlight. They prefer bright morning sun or all day indirect light. Please note that these plants do not like being moved around the house and will drop leaves if they are in non ideal conditions. 

Ficus tineke - 20TP13

The variegated sister to ficus burgundy, this variety grows a little bit slower. Each leaf produces a unique variegation from the next and will have creams, pinks and greens throughout the leaf.