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SKU: H09, H10, H11, H12

Who doesn't like a nice punch of mint!

Mint is great for beverages, desserts, sauces and jellies!

Grown in 3.5 inch pot

Exposure: Sun

Height: 15 - 20 cm

Water Requirements: Average

Mint can be quite aggressive so plant in a container or area where growth can be restricted. 

Chocolate Mint (H09)

Fragrant leaves with a subtle hint of chocolate.  Use for beverages and desserts.

Mojito Mint (H10)

The mint for the popular summertime beverage. Trim aggressively to keep leaves fresh and new.  

Peppermint (H11)

Fragrant leaves with a spicy minty taste.  Use for beverages, sauces and jellies.  

Spearmint (H12)

Use for beverages and desserts.